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Nomasvello-November 2, 2021

How the light therapy center improved their business with online booking

Being overwhelmed with obligations in the salon usually results in delaying the search for modern tools which might help with administration of your business. Salon managers also tend to get into a vicious circle or constant catching-up and stress.... They lose the opportunity to attract new clients, increase revenues, as well as the opportunity to detect "rflaws"r in their business which are easily solvable. Natalia recognized how much a modern online booking and appointment management system is going to bring her and introduced it in No+vello. Read on to learn about her experiences.

More bookings with less stress

"A few days ago Zoyya received an online appointment request at 3 in the morning. What do I want to say with this? If there weren't for Zoyya, that client might not book her appointment that day because she'd wait for the salon working hours, she might forget the next day and as a result delay her visit for a week. That client should come for her treatment approximately 10 times a year. If she delays her visit for a few days or weeks every time, she actually comes 7 times a year and I lose 3 appointments per client."

Increase in visits


more bookings per client

Less administration


less stress and time lossed

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Why we introduced Zoyya

"We're lucky to be fully booked because the IPL treatments are very popular. On the other hand, this means we need to have a very good time organization and management practices in order to be able to manage it all. In other words, we need efficient processes in order for our clients to be satisfied with our services, the time it takes to get an appointment and the time we devote to them in the salon. It's also important for us who work at No+vello, that the day isn't chaotic and that we're not doing our job with pressure and stress. That's not good for the business or for our clients. Losing time on administration, answering text messages and hundreds of missed phone calls was no longer an option. That's why we introduced Zoyya, to devote our energy on offering a better service to our clients and improve business performance."

#1 booking app in region

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How did the clients react to online booking?

"I know my clients don't have time to waste and that they want to book an appointment at the exact moment it comes to their mind. In 5 minutes they might forget or be distracted with another obligation. That's why Zoyya helps them to book their appointments any time of the day or night. They're no longer irritated with missed phone calls I didn't manage to answer. Not to mention that now they can see all the services we offer in the app, all their past and future appointments, they get email and SMS notifications so they have less to remember. Our clients are used to being able to do everything through mobile apps, we're so happy we found a way to enable them to book appointments with their phones as well."

What benefits did Zoyya bring to us

Zoyya is my right hand.

"I truly had a lot of challenges with appointment administration before, and with defining the limit between work and personal time. Now that's all so much easier. With Zoyya, I no longer have to answer phones in the middle of the treatment, or various text messages and calls during my off hours, I'm no longer wasting time on administration... Zoyya is now doing everything for me."

I recommend online booking to everyone

"I believe Zoyya should be used by all beauty, hair and other salons who have a lot of clients and bookings.... Salon owners who have a lot of commitments... I personally think that the time of writing clients and appointments in the notebook has passed and that that way of running a salon can't be improved."

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What other providers say about Zoyya

We are proud to help providers improve their business and make their jobs easier every day.

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"Thank you for the app that saved my life literally, such a perfect thing 💜! I want to thank you because it's such a good app, our orders are coming in, and I don't even need to answer the phone anymore."

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Natalija Rušovački

Salon manager, Nomasvello

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Results speak for themselves

All Case Studies

Nail Lab

How Zoyya Reservations Contributed to Nail Lab

In addition to its standardized service, uncompromising hygiene, wide availability, focus on nails, and fairness to all, Nail Lab has set new standards in the nail care industry by introducing the Zoyya application. Nail Lab, with the Zoyya application, offers the best your nails deserve without waiting.


booked reservations through the application


more efficient business operations

case study image

Barbershop Šmeker

How Šmeker Barbershop Improved Its Business

Thanks to Zoyya, the male clientele identity of Šmeker barbershop has reached a new digital level. Over 90% of them now book appointments online, making the barber visit a completely new and more pleasant experience.


booked appointments through the application


more efficient business operations and greater customer satisfaction

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Bonjour Beauty

How the beauty salon Bonjour Beauty improved their business

Tanja Gavran, owner of Bonjour Beauty Salon, introduced online booking a few months ago. Since we regularly analyze Zoyya's impact on our customers' business, we asked Tanja to tell us how Zoyya helped her and how her customers reacted to the new booking method. The results delighted both her and us.


appointments are now booked online


better organization of time

case study image


How Zoyya improved the customer experience at the Kynsi beauty salon

"Kynsi is dedicated to nurturing moments. Every interaction with our salon must be a pleasant and relaxing experience for the customer. The relationship with the customer does not begin or end at the salon, so it was important to allow our customers a simple, fast and modern way to get to our services. We wanted to eliminate the need to memorize the appointment date and time and enable our customers to receive email and text reminders of the appointment. Besides, Zoyya records the customer's information and the satisfaction with our services. Our customers deserve this"


dedicated to the customer during service


dedicated to the customer during service

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