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A complete solution for service providers

Zoyya saves you time, so you can focus on what you do best - providing a great service to your customers.

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Calendar and Order Book

Carry the order book in your pocket and simply create a new appointment or approve an online appointment request.

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Online Booking

Allow customers to book appointments through Zoyya and reduce the number of phone calls to the salon.

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Employee Work Schedule

Enter your employee's work schedule and Zoyya will automatically fill out the schedule based on the defined template.

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Automatic Reminders

With SMS and email reminders, your customers will never forget about the appointment again.

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Business Reports

Review your business status at any time with Zoyya reporting system.

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Maja Ivoš

Salon Owner

"Zoyya gave me back my free time!"

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#Calendar and Order Book

Notebook is a thing of the past, it's time for better tools

Writing in the notebook has long been the only way to keep track of appointments, but this has major drawbacks. With Zoyya, you'll never be without your notebook when your customer calls.

  • Order book available 24/7
  • On desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Automatic appointment reminders
  • Google Calendar and Google Maps integration
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Natalija Rušovački

Salon Manager

"80% of reservations are now scheduled online"

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#Online Booking

Reduce the number of phone calls, have more time for your customers

We know you're not comfortable leaving your customer in the middle of the service to answer the phone. Your customers know this too. That's why they'll be excited to accept the option to book appointments online, at the time when it's the most convenient for them.

  • Online bookings available to customers 24/7
  • Customizable booking page
  • Listing your salon on zoyya.com
  • Greater visibility of your salon
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Marin Marinović


"We've reduced administration by 50%"

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#Employee Work Schedule

Creating shifts and schedules has never been easier

Set schedule rules and let Zoyya do everything else for you. The appointment reservation system will create future schedules and link the creation of appointments and reservations with employee availability.

  • Automatic schedule creation
  • Templates based on even and odd days
  • Schedule integration with online booking
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Sintija Šamu

Salon Owner

"I now have 50% more pre-scheduled appointments"

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#Business Reports

To improve your business, you should first analyze it

Zoyya gives you everything you need to make informed decisions. Easily review your salon's operations by service, traffic, employees or time spent.

  • Overview of revenue, services and time spent per period
  • Overview of employee occupancy
  • Customer Visit Log
  • Downloadable data in Excel and PDF

Save time.
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