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Nail Lab-April 22, 2024

How Zoyya Reservations Contributed to Nail Lab

In addition to its standardized service, uncompromising hygiene, wide availability, focus on nails, and fairness to all, Nail Lab has set new standards in the nail care industry by introducing the Zoyya application. Nail Lab, with the Zoyya application, offers the best your nails deserve without waiting.

Life Obsession for Nails to a Successful Business Story

The successful business story of Nail Lab begins with the nail obsession of the owner of Nail Lab, Eva, who, with the help of the Zoyya application for online booking, continues to build her business. As Zoyya completely replaced notebooks and phone calls and became a key tool for successful business, we bring you further details.

Online Reservations


booked reservations through the application



more efficient business operations

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Why We Introduced the Zoyya Application

"Digitalization as a concept implies transitioning to digital. It was never an option for me to open a salon and have everything on paper. I exclusively wanted an application; anything else was not possible.

Before opening the salon, every detail was meticulously researched. That is why, when choosing the application, I personally conducted a survey among numerous beauticians who tried to introduce something like this into their salon.

More or less, the majority of responses were precisely - Zoyya. And then I didn't think much!"

#1 booking app in region

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How Clients Reacted

More than 90% of clients book through the application

"The common experience when asking whether clients book by phone or through the Zoyya application is, in 90 percent of cases, the same. And that is that they call the first time and when they find out we have the app - they never call again. Clients' reactions to online booking are positive. Zoyya is easy to use and there are no complications."

With Zoyya, Complete Transparency

"Clients are delighted with booking through Zoyya. Especially because they see all available appointments themselves, and there are no more questions like: 'When is it available? And then?' They see everything immediately on one screen, which is great, especially for younger generations because young people are not so skilled in talking to people and they avoid it. And since they can do it themselves online, they are very happy!"

What Results We Achieved

Application as the Only Secure Option

"'The part that bothered me the most as a client was the booking process. Every time I had to call. At best, send a message. When I sent a message, they rarely responded in a timely manner. However, the safest and only safe way for me was to do it in person. And usually, doing it in person would mean they would write it down in some notebook. And those notebooks seemed suspicious to me, I really wasn't sure if I would get a slot when I arrived. All of that together, was not an option for me. The only option was the application. Someone asked me notebook or Zoyya, so it was funny to me because we don't have a notebook. Literally, we don't have papers in the salon, without the application, nothing!"

Future with Zoyya

"We are preparing to open more Nail Labs very soon and we are very excited to find out what solution Zoyya has for us and our clients so that there is no confusion."

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What other providers say about Zoyya

We are proud to help providers improve their business and make their jobs easier every day.

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"Thank you for the app that saved my life literally, such a perfect thing 💜! I want to thank you because it's such a good app, our orders are coming in, and I don't even need to answer the phone anymore."

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Natalija Rušovački

Salon manager, Nomasvello

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Results speak for themselves

All Case Studies

Barbershop Šmeker

How Šmeker Barbershop Improved Its Business

Thanks to Zoyya, the male clientele identity of Šmeker barbershop has reached a new digital level. Over 90% of them now book appointments online, making the barber visit a completely new and more pleasant experience.


booked appointments through the application


more efficient business operations and greater customer satisfaction

case study image

Bonjour Beauty

How the beauty salon Bonjour Beauty improved their business

Tanja Gavran, owner of Bonjour Beauty Salon, introduced online booking a few months ago. Since we regularly analyze Zoyya's impact on our customers' business, we asked Tanja to tell us how Zoyya helped her and how her customers reacted to the new booking method. The results delighted both her and us.


appointments are now booked online


better organization of time

case study image


How Zoyya improved the customer experience at the Kynsi beauty salon

"Kynsi is dedicated to nurturing moments. Every interaction with our salon must be a pleasant and relaxing experience for the customer. The relationship with the customer does not begin or end at the salon, so it was important to allow our customers a simple, fast and modern way to get to our services. We wanted to eliminate the need to memorize the appointment date and time and enable our customers to receive email and text reminders of the appointment. Besides, Zoyya records the customer's information and the satisfaction with our services. Our customers deserve this"


dedicated to the customer during service


dedicated to the customer during service

case study image

Soba Osoba

How the hair salon Soba Osoba achieved better use of time

The move to online booking delighted the customers of the hair salon Sobe Osobe. More than 80% are now booking their appointments entirely through the Zoyya app and they love it, because now they never forget to book their hair appointment on time.


better use of time


more pre-scheduled appointments

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