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#1 booking app in region

For fitness centers and personal trainers

Organizing group appointments and workouts has never been easier! Have all your individual and group sessions and the schedule of coaches and gyms in one place.

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Andrijana Šakić

XXL Spaladium Split

"Customers sign up in a few clicks, and we can see it all in the calendar."

#online booking

Fast, simple and professional

Your clients come to you to strengthen their body, not train your nerves :). Provide the impression of a professional fitness center and allow your clients to have the privilege of fast, simple and modern booking.

  • 0-24 online booking for trainees
  • Custom web page for online booking
  • All your classes on the Zoyya marketplace
  • Bringing your services closer to your clients
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"Regular workout is sometimes more important than intensity, and automatic reminders help the forgetful ones arrive on time :)"

#calendar and order book

Leave the notebook and Excel! Zoyya is a tool for modern coaches.

Recording of appointments in a notebook or Excel serves a purpose, but digital records incomparably facilitate and improve business. Join modern coaches who realized the benefits of the Zoyya calendar and its organizational capabilities.

  • Calendar and appointments available 24/7
  • On your mobile, tablet or laptop device
  • Automatic appointment reminders
  • Google Calendar and Google Maps integration
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City Fitness Osijek

"Customer feedback on the app is extremely positive. And it has really simplified our business."

#business reporting

Make better use of working hours, gyms and devices and optimize your business

With Zoyya, you will have all the information you need to make the right business decisions. Quickly and easily review which services are the most popular, which are wasting too much time or resources. Track your business by income, employees, time and customers.

  • Overview of revenue, services and time spent per period
  • Insight into employee schedules
  • Log of customer visits by period
  • Downloading all the data (Excel, PDF)
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"Zoyya is always available, reminding the clients of their workouts... Just great!"

#employee work schedule

All in one place

Create schedule generation rules and Zoyya will do everything for you. The application will create schedules in the future, link the creation of appointments and reservations in accordance with the availability of employees. And any manual change takes just a few clicks.

  • Automatic schedule creation
  • Templates based on even and odd days
  • Integration with online booking

#why zoyya

Keep up with trends, save your time

Service providers are rapidly turning to modern tools to facilitate business processes, save time and improve the quality of service.


Reduce phone calls

With Zoyya online booking you'll no longer have to carry your order book around or be interrupted while providing service to your customers.

Up to 90% fewer phone calls

Better service to customers

24/7 available order book


Attract new customers

List your business on the Zoyya platform and increase visibility on Google Search Engine and Google Map to attract new customers.

Better visibility on Google Search

Book now button in Google Maps

Your own business website


Increase revenue

With online booking option available 24/7, your customers will never forget to book their appointments on time, resulting in more visits per year.

Up to 30% more arrivals per customer

Greater customer satisfaction

Competitiveness in the market


The best app for fitness centers.

Enable online booking for your clients and complete the overall user experience with your center.

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