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#1 app for payment processing

Complete Solution for Service Providers

Zoyya provides a fiscal cash register fully tailored to service providers, with a unique and flexible payment system for all your business needs. From accepting card payments through the app or on-site payments to accepting deposits for appointment bookings.

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One-Click Invoice Generation

With Zoyya's fiscal cash register, payment has never been easier. View unpaid appointments directly in the cash register, select the desired appointment, and click on Generate Invoice. The application will populate all the necessary data, fiscalize the invoice, print it, or send it to the client's email.

  • Create an invoice with a click on the appointment
  • Accept card payments through the app
  • Benefit from low fees ranging from 0-2%
  • Use on all mobile devices
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Advance Payment Invitations

For expensive services and long-term appointments, request a deposit payment. By clicking on the appointment, send the client a link for deposit payment. Immediately upon receiving the deposit, Zoyya will notify you via email and notifications on your mobile device.

  • Send the client a payment link
  • Set a deadline for payment acceptance
  • Wait for Zoyya to notify you of the payment
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Zoyya offers you the option to accept advance payments during online appointment bookings. It's up to you to determine which clients or services require prepayment and in what amount, and Zoyya takes care of the rest!

  • Specify which clients or services require prepayment
  • Set deposits in fixed amount or percentage
  • Accept payments during bookings on Zoyya.com

Lowest Fees on the Market

Zoyya offers the lowest fees for card transactions on the market!

Additionally, with Zoyya Cash Register, you will gain access to all other Zoyya features, including online ordering, order management, business reporting, and much more!

0 - 2%

  • Payment via credit or debit cards
  • Contactless payment on Zoyya device or your mobile device

#Why Zoyya Cash Register

Make it Easy for Clients to Pay for Services and Save Time and Money

Easily collect payments by generating invoices from appointments or accepting online payments through your Zoyya appointment booking page.


Invoice Generation from Appointments

Zoyya Cash Register includes all the features of the Zoyya application, including appointment overview, booking requests, calendar, reports, and settings, but it also offers the ability to generate invoices and manage cash register settings.

All Zoyya features within the cash register

Overview of issued invoices and summaries

Invoice generation from calendar and appointments


Deposit Payment Invitations

Secure the financial aspect of your business with Zoyya deposits. After creating an appointment in the calendar, send a payment link to your client's email address, and Zoyya will notify you as soon as the deposit is paid.

Generate payment link within the appointment

Send the link through the app

Collect full amount from no-show clients


Online Booking Payments (Coming Soon)

Set up rules for prepayment by branch, service, or client.

Allow your clients to pay a specific or full amount of the appointment when booking on the Zoyya service marketplace.

Prepayment settings by service and clients

Adjustable prepayment amounts

Ability to pay for appointments during booking on zoyya.com


Our expert customer support team will assist you in setting up the Zoyya cash register and be with you every step of the way. Reach out to us anytime via email, phone, or we can come to you for a brief on-site training.

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